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Sometimes, imaginary friends like Dorkface or the Abraham Lincoln pen are created to do their creator's homework. Parents are usually the ones who control whether or not a child is allowed to have an imaginary friend. The two have been burning since Interestingly, all imaginary friends seem to have intelligence. Displaying best.

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Imaginary Friend

Nina also states that he seems to have been created from her subconscious in order to help teach her how to defend herself and others, a lesson she didn't realize until she got older. The exact measures taken or what becomes of an imaginary friend afterwards is unknown. The two have been burning since Though it is unknown how many friends there are in the world, due to the ability of children to imagine an unlimited number of imaginary friends, it is possible they make up a large portion of the population. Most imaginary friends are nude. The relationship between Red and Terrence seems to symbolize this as well, as Terrence wanted to imagine a friend who was big, scary and ruthless who would destroy Bloo, but Red turned out to be sweet and friendly, only turning violent when provoked. This seems to support the relationship between Mac and Bloo and Mr.

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